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A partner of the FIFDH since 2007, the Secours Catholique-Caritas France has been an officially recognised NGO since 1962. This association carries out its work in France and abroad, for disadvantaged populations, without discriminating against religious or ethnic groups.
In France, the Secours Catholique is organised in 103 delegations and has more than 66 000 volunteers who work in assisting disadvantaged people.
Overseas, the Secours Catholique is the French branch of the Caritas network, one of the most extensive humanitarian networks in the world, with 162 local Caritas. Present on each continent through this network, the association has been developing international actions for more than 50 years. Each year, it supports around 500 new international operations in the field of emergencies as well as in development.
The Secours Catholique also runs advocacy campaigns for decision makers in the field of Human Rights protection in general, whether it be about political, socio-economic, cultural, or environmental rights.

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